Ludwig LM400 14x5” Supraphonic Snare Drum in Burgundy Podercoat

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This listing is for a Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic in Burgundy Powdercoat that’s in amazing condition, although does show a few blemishes in the powdercoat on one panel.  

The drum shell, drum muffler, and associated badge (we believe) are from 1974, however the lugs, the butt, strainer, and even the hoops are current to today’s Ludwig Supraphonic snare drums.  The snare side hoop is a newer “S-Type” snare side hoop that’s designed to protect the baring edge, while the batter side is typical of Ludwig’s 2.3mm triple flanged hoops…

All in all, the drum looks and sounds just as it should…powerful, warm, full, and with rich tone.