Pearl HEK1480308 Kapur/Fiberglass 14x08” Exotic Hybrid Snare Drum

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This listing is for a Pearl 14x08” Hybrid Exotic Kapur/Fiberglass Snare Drum that’s only been removed from the box for pictures.  It’s BRAND NEW.

The Pearl 14″×8″ Kapur/Fiberglass Hybrid Exotic Snare Drum has been designed to capture each drummer’s mental ideal of sonic perfection. To achieve this the craftsmen at Pearl have had to travel outside conventional drum making. Experiments with different material combinations—from high-tech synthetics to traditional organics—have allowed for new tonal frontiers in Pearl’s new Hybrid Exotic Series snare drums. With refinements tailored to fit the needs of the true professional, snares from the Hybrid Exotic line are the purest representation of Pearl’s continual quest for the sound dreams are made of. The HEK1408’s signature is a lively blend of throaty snare holler and punchy projection.

Pearl’s SR-1000 Glide-Lock Strainer’s locking throw-off lever and tension knob assures worry free, slip-free performance from all Hybrid Exotic Snare Drums. 6 ply 7.5mm Kapur with inner fiberglass.

Also features Pearl’s new Spin-Tight tension rods. This elegantly simple innovation creates a tension rod-within-a-tension rod, that allows the rod to expand and lock into place within the swivel nut. Utilizing a special drum key, tunings can be controlled under high-impact play like never before.