Zildjian Vintage 16” Istanbul K Medium Thin Crash

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This listing is for a Zildjian Istanbul K from the mid 1950’s era.  This cymbal is in excellent condition and could be used as a crash, hi-hat, or a very light ride cymbal.  It weighs in at 1158 gms, and it’s hand hammering is absolutely precise.  This cymbal has a characteristic tone that’s full and warm, and delivers that distinctly Zildjian (Istanbul) K sound. 

These cymbals are absolutely one-of-a-kind as master artisans created these in the original Turkish cymbal factory.  There’s only so many of these available and none ever expected to be created like them again.  Pictured here is the K Stamp on the top, and the stamp impression on the opposite (bottom) underside. Very very slight bend measuring about 1 inch at the edge to the left of the Zildjian stamp, but barely noticeable and certainly nothing effecting the sound.  

Grab this collectors piece while it’s available.  They consistently appreciate considerably.