DrumPickers Custom: Made in the USA!

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DrumPickers Custom: Made in the USA!

Did you know all our DrumPickers DP Custom drums are made in the USA?

It’s not just about hand-building each drum—including drilling, shaping edges, wrapping/lacquering, and hand-selecting just the right hardware—in our shop just outside Nashville, Tennessee. We also source our wood shells from a supplier up in the Midwest who makes the shells from American-grown timber.

DrumPickers All Maple Traveler Kit in Red Mahogany

Though it has gotten harder and harder over the years to find American-made products, recent events have made many people more aware of the value of buying domestic. Whether it is shipping delays, backlogs, shortages, or the environmental impact of transporting so many goods across the ocean, many people are finding a reason to seek out USA-made products again.

With DrumPickers, you can be sure you are getting quality American craftsmanship, and an end product you can be proud to play.

DrumPickers Custom Snare Made in USA

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