Builds & Restoration

Custom Builds

DrumPickers creates quality, custom USA-made drums. With our DP Custom Series of drums, we can provide a variety of different colors and finishes on the drum shell or kit that you choose. We receive our drum shells (maple, maple/mahogany, ribbon mahogany/maple, or even walnut/mahogany/maple) raw from our friends in Northern Minnesota, and thus we can create the shade and depth of finish that you choose from our palette of finishes.

If there are characteristics of a drum that you imagine, let us know via email what you’d like to see (preferably with photos), and we’ll be happy to let you know what we can do. Orders of a four-piece drum kit typically take six weeks to create, and snare drums typically take about four weeks. Once we have a completed shell, we’ll send you pictures of the drum for approval.

We guarantee the craftsmanship and functionality of DrumPickers designed and built products for one year from the date ordered; under this guarantee, we will replace or repair the item free of charge and provide shipping to and from the original owner.

See our full line of DP Custom Series snares and full acoustic kits for ideas on what we can create for you. Existing DP Custom products that show up in our store as Sold Out can be made to order via a 4–6 week special order process.

DrumPickers DP Custom Drums Made in USA




DrumPickers also offers restoration for customer drums and cymbals, as well as for much of the gear we sell. 

When DrumPickers purchased products are in need of restoration, we take the time and effort to provide all the needed repairs and/or upgrades before the product is sold. We even provide a rating system to identify the product state to all our customers. Because we can offer no stated warranty on pre-owned drum products, this rating system will provide accurate condition assessments so that customers can have a clear understanding of a product’s condition, and what is required to help it last well into the future.

If you have a drum or cymbal in need of restoration, we request that you send us several detailed pictures showing the condition of the instrument and what needs repair. If we can do it, we’ll let you know the cost, timeline, and shipping requirements. Most restorations take a week or less from the time we receive your item.

For more information on our custom builds or restoration process, see our FAQs or contact us for an evaluation or quote.