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DrumPickers - Nashville, Tn

About Drumpickers

The idea of DrumPickers was taken from a popular television show where two guys travel around looking for great “stuff” or antiques and restore them back to great condition, and then resell them. So until recently, DrumPickers would attend flea markets, garage sales, online websites, and pawn shops, as well as rely on our incredible database of friends and customers to help us identify opportunities, looking to buy or sell high-end drums, percussion, cymbals, and drum hardware.

However today DrumPickers does much more than explore and restore formerly owned drums: we design and build our own custom drums out of our location just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. With the help of impeccable suppliers, we’re able to provide top-quality drums to seasoned professional drummers, and producers who require scrutinized attention to detail.

You’ll see and hear that here, when you click on the available links to our products.

Since our first day in business, DrumPickers has been an answer for those seeking rare and obscure drums, parts, and cymbals, and today we are a solution for those wanting high-end custom drums, cymbals, and hardware to create the perfect sound at a great price. We pride ourselves in understanding our customers’ needs—if we don't have what you are looking for, we will help you find exactly what you need.

We believe the growth of DrumPickers will be facilitated by ongoing sales through the support of local artists, education programs, and return customers. We know that we answer not only to the customer and the music instrument industry, but also to our God and Creator. If you want great Drums, Percussion, Hardware, and Cymbals with all the care and concern of a good friend, then you've come to the right place.