What does DrumPickers do?

We build custom drums at our shop located about 45 minutes northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. We also restore drums and cymbals for customers, as well as sourcing and restoring drums and cymbals from other places to sell on our site. We are always on the lookout for good finds. We have a full inventory of custom, new, used, and vintage drums, hardware, percussion, cymbals, and drum parts—and our inventory is always changing. Be sure to check back regularly.

You can find more information about who we are and what we do on our About page.


If I have something in need of Restoration, what’s the process to start, and to completion?

We can restore some drums and some cymbals. If you have something in need of restoration, first we suggest you send us several pictures of your existing drum or cymbal. If we can do it, we’ll let you know the cost, timeline, and shipping that may or may not be required. Most restorations take a week or less, whereas the cost involved can vary from $25 to $225. (Unfortunately, cymbals that are cracked along the bow—away from the edge—of the cymbal cannot be restored.)


What are people saying about the DrumPickers DP Custom Line of drums?

Check out our drummer testimonials!


Where can I see and hear DrumPickers Custom Drums in action?

DrumPickers is the chosen provider of drums for the legendary Acme Feed & Seed on Broadway in downtown Nashville, TN. Whenever you want to hear live music and you’re in the area, we encourage you to stop by.

We also have multiple DrumPickers Custom Artists gigging locally and regionally, including Todd Martz of the Heidi Burson Band and the Lydia Britton Band; Bryan Harris of the Vegabonds, who are currently touring portions of the United States; and our newest artist, Eggy Gorman of the Kind Hearted Strangers.


Can I visit your shop?

We are a boutique drum maker and do not have a brick-and-mortar shop. However, if you are going to be in the Atlanta area, you can make an appointment to come meet us in person, see where we work, and check out our private showroom.


What if a DrumPickers Custom product is sold out online—can I still get it?

Yes! Our DP Custom Series drums can be made to order, via a 4–6 week special order process.

For used gear, once something is gone it might be hard to track down again. For new products not made by DrumPickers, we can often order them for you. Contact us for details!


Can I come see and test the selection of drums and cymbals at DrumPickers? 

Yes, you can. All we require is to make an appointment at (615) 668-3243, and the stage is yours.


If I had DrumPickers build me a drum kit, how long would it take, and what is required of me?

To build your drum kit, we need to know the exact sizes and finish you’d prefer. Once we have those specifications, we require a 50% down payment, and typically we can complete your drum kit within 4 weeks. While custom drum kits can often take up to 6 months by other companies, DrumPickers casts its full attention on your drum kit or snare drum, and greatly reduces the time of production.


What’s your guarantee or return policy?

On formerly owned products, we cannot provide a guarantee. However if the product ordered doesn’t arrive in the condition we’ve described, we’ll accept a return and provide a refund within 10 business days.

On DrumPickers designed and built products, we guarantee their craftsmanship and functionality for a period of one year from the date ordered. In this guarantee we will replace or repair the item free of charge and provide shipping to and from you, the Original Owner. Please contact us and have pictures ready prior to shipping & returning of product so we can ensure we have the necessary replacement parts upon arrival.

See our Return Policy for more details on returns.


What kind of finishes can DrumPickers provide?

We offer 20 different finishes to choose from, as well as natural wood grain options.


Does DrumPickers provide rentals and backline options? 

Yes we do, for local applications (50 mile radius). Simply call, text, or email us for your desired kit, and we’ll promptly have a concierge bring it right over. Full shell packs with delivery start at $300 charge for initial 24 hour usage (24 hour minimum). $240 charge for each successive 24 hours.


Where do you ship to?

We ship to the contiguous 48 US states. For more information on shipping and turnaround times, see our Shipping Policy.