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Feedback on your sale of DrumPickers Blue Sparkle / Black Powder Coated 22” Metal Bass Drum Hoops: (Pair for Front & Back of Drum) Blue Sparkle - Blue Sparkle / Excellent!


I play in Hooteroll, a Jerry Garcia Band tribute band that's at Acme every other Monday night. When Acme reopened a couple of months ago, I was thrilled to see a new set of DPs on stage...and then there was another new kit...and then again last night, yet another new kit in a killer black sparkle finish. The drums sound great and are a real pleasure to play. I get a lot of questions from people at Acme who assume they're my drums and have done some research so I can at least provide the highlights to anyone who's interested. I usually end the story with a quip about how you guys haven't figured out how change the heads so instead, you just bring new drums every month or so. I'm hopeful you never get your hands on a drum key since I really like the variety!

Anyway, thanks a lot for the support. Next time my collection needs something fresh, I will definitely be looking at your stuff.

Bobby Frank - Drummer for Hooteroll


These kits are amazing...I have played on several kits throughout my musical career and by far these kits are the best!!!

And to be able to meet u, your wife and the crew and right on time!! You all were very nice and approachable and easy to talk to!! I love that and I very much respect and love y'all!

Kenney Phillips - Nashville Drummer


Justin! Hey, this is David! It was fantastic meeting you and your crew! I’m the guy that bought the 2 snare drums! I played the brass snare on Sunday...all I can say is WOOOOOOOW! What a snare!!! Even the worship leader was impressed with the awesome sound of this beautiful snare! I have to tell ya Brother, I’m a Ludwig guy, I have a high end kit I bought a couple of years ago, I got a couple Superphonics, I have a Black Beauty, but...that all changed. I’m selling my stuff, and I’m exclusively playing your drums! If the snares are this good, I cant imagine what a full set would sound like! I definitely want one of your kits. We’ll be in touch! God richly bless you, and Drum Pickers!

David Wilcox - Worship Drummer


Hi Justin, my name is Johnny Richeson. We met briefly this past Friday 5/7 at Acme & I played your kit for my gig that night. I just wanted to let you know that I loved it! The kick was super punchy and full, and the toms had a beautiful, resonant sound. If I’d had more time, I would have messed with tunings to learn the character of the drums, but I felt very comfortable with the pitches & response from them as soon as I sat down.

I didn’t load them in or out, so I can’t speak to the weight of them, but the hardware seems sturdy, and the kit looks great! Thank you for putting it down there for folks to use, and thank you for asking my thoughts on the kit! Hope to see you around and use your gear more often.

Johnathan Richeson - Drummer, Percussionist, Arranger, Educator


Hey Justin! Jason Munday here. Just met you at Acme and i gotta say I'm absolutely in love with these drums man! wow! from the moment I sat down. I'd really like some more info about em. I got a ton of road dates coming up with several artists and would love to take a set of these with me.

Jason Munday - Nashville Drummer


Hi Justin, I'm James Bonomo, the lucky drummer who got to play your DrumPickers kit at Acme last night. Really enjoyed myself and wanted to give you some notes on the instrument...

I am a total sucker for wood grain kits. I think they're classy and have a timeless look that is compatible with any stage setting. The finish on that kit is superb, and a massive upgrade from the lacquer wrap on most of the backlines down there. Instantly makes the stage and band look better. Also, the use of club-date style lugs on the floor tom is a nice touch. The hardware configuration you used gives a nice vintage look without overdoing it. The blonde hoops are the perfect finishing touch. The kit definitely screams NASHVILLE and I mean that in the best way. Would look smashing at the Opry as well as at Marathon, etc.

My favorite part of playing the thing is definitely the kick. Some of my bandmates noticed it too and told me as much. Having played that room hundreds of times over the last 7 years with both of my kits as well as theirs, I can tell you that it's the best kick sound I've ever gotten at Acme. [Some] kicks have lots of low end but lack definition. [Some have] great articulation but lack the boom factor. Your kick was right in the sweet spot, man! 

The tom depths were really handy and their tone is very nice...I prefer a dry sound, and while I know plenty of drummers who want endless sustain and singing toms...I enjoyed that the toms had a nice clean attack, but they didn't overstay their welcome...I was impressed how they achieved a very pleasing tone, with just the right amount of sustain. I usually have to doctor my drums a bit to get that kind of sound. Yours appear to get it right out of the box.

Anyway, thanks for introducing yourself, thanks for supplying that kit, and thanks for the great work you're obviously doing building drums. My first impression was 100% positive and I can't wait to get another crack at it!

James Bonomo - Nashville Drummer


I lost interest in my snare drum. I played it on 100’s of gigs and...finally decided to sell it and enlisted the help of DrumPickers.com. I heard about the site and the services offered and thought this is perfect for me. I don’t have the time or the patience to do everything required to get a good price for this drum. I met up with Justin the owner of DrumPickers.com and he explained exactly how he could help. He would start by cleaning/detailing the drum, adding fresh new heads, tuning, staging and taking multiple photos, then write informative sales copy for an ad placed [online] as well as making it available for sale on the DrumPickers.com Site. All of this for a very reasonable commission of the final sale price. The end result was perfect. I got more than I thought I would for that snare drum and was paid promptly. I’m extremely happy with the service Justin performed and I highly recommend Justin Gillespie and DrumPickers.com If you are looking for an easy way to buy and sell high quality drum gear.

Spencer Strand - Drumfun.com


I was given a beautiful piccolo snare from the drummer Greg Upchurch from 3 Doors Down (and Puddle of Mud, Chris Cornell). He said you can have this maple drum, fix it up. So I did. I went to DrumPickers, amazing service, professional service and my new piccolo drum adds so much crack to the sound, amazing. The restoration of the drum is beyond what I expected – it is now a brand new drum.

Mark Fleming - Owner, FlemingPaintings.com and CreativeAvenue.com