Have you heard our DP Custom drums yet?

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Have you heard our DP Custom drums yet?

At DrumPickers, we know exactly how much quality goes into every drum we build, because each one is caringly handcrafted in our own Tennessee workshop using the highest quality materials and US-grown wood. But we are still thrilled every time we get to hear one of our kits out in the wild.

If you haven’t heard our drums for yourself, you can find them on tour with the Vegabonds or Toad the Wet Sprocket, or here in town at Acme Feed & Seed, where we provide a rotating house kit so you can check out different models. 

If you prefer touring by mouse and keyboard, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel for clips from some of our favorite drummers.

Here’s one of our highlights from the Music City Drum Show—check out the toms at the end!


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