Welcome Featured Artist Eggy Gorman!

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Welcome Featured Artist Eggy Gorman!

When we first heard Eggy play, we knew he had to be part of the DrumPickers family. His all-in approach and big Bonham sound tug on our musical heart strings like only good old-fashioned rock drumming can. 

Kind Hearted Strangers Eggy Gorman


If you’ve been to a Vegabonds show recently, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Eggy and his band Kind Hearted Strangers. Hailing from—well—all over the country, these boys blend the best of rock and roots music. Though not afraid to push the boundaries of art and collaboration, their music is also familiar and listenable in the best way.

Kind Hearted Strangers


Fun fact: Eggy’s uncle Steve was the founding drummer of southern rock band the Black Crowes. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

We’re so excited to have Eggy on board—be sure to check out the KHS tour schedule to catch him in your town!

 Drummer Eggy Gorman DrumPickers Featured Artist


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  • Sass

    Eggy is the best! Couldn’t pick a better rep for the brand!

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