Introducing Our New DP Vintage Professional Series Drums

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Introducing Our New DP Vintage Professional Series Drums

This summer we rolled out the first in a new line of DP Custom drums we’re really excited about: our Vintage Professional Series. Inspired by the drums found on some of our favorite records from the 1920s–1960s, we’re bringing back some classic elements to help you channel vintage vibes every time you sit down to play.

DrumPickers Vintage Professional Series Kit - Drummer’s Eye View

Each kit will feature a bass drum–mounted cymbal holder for a classic look, easy setup, and minimal footprint.

Quality hardwoods selected for their outstanding tone enable us to use thinner shells, making these kits ideal for more intimate settings, whether clubs catering to a few hundred people or world-class recording studios.

Vintage-styled hardware will finish off the design, giving each kit a head-turning touch of class.

Stay tuned for new kits in this series, coming soon!

DrumPickers Vintage Professional Series Drum Kit with Cymbal Arm


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