DrumPickers Pick of the Month - February

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DrumPickers Pick of the Month - February

Our Pick of the Month for February invites you to dream, scheme, and plan your next big thing. Sure you may be up to your ears in snow from the latest blizzard, the phone may be ringing less than you’d like, and the whole world is still looking like a dystopian sci-fi sneeze-fest. But the snow will melt and better times will come, and you’ll be back on the road before you know it. So why not take some positive action now, and set yourself up for success with the right tools?

Our DP Custom series all-maple Traveler Kits will have you road-ready with a compact setup that’s easy to transport but doesn’t sacrifice the big drum sound you love.

Both our 3-Piece Half Stack Traveler and 4-Piece Traveler kits are made with 100% North American maple for maximum warmth. Full-size shell diameters (22, 16, 12) mean your drums will both look and sound great on stage, while shallower depths make them easier to transport and provide a quick attack to balance the softness of the maple. The concert toms can be stacked together and packed into a single 22-inch case with the bass drum.  

But these drums don’t stop at performance—they are also beautiful to behold. Our natural woodgrain finish and super sexy chrome tube lugs are downright swoon-worthy. Hey, did we mention it’s almost Valentine’s Day? Who says romance can’t be practical?

DrumPickers Half-Stack Traveler Kit

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