DrumPickers Pick of the Month - November

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DrumPickers Pick of the Month - November

Our pick this month is our DrumPickers 4-Piece Vintage Professional Drum Kit in Van Halen Black & White Stripe Tribute. Modeled after the striking 1980s striped drum set played by rock icon Alex Van Halen, this kit will turn heads every time you play.


Built out of 6 plies of maple/mahogany/walnut with 12x8 and 16x14 toms and a 22x16 kick drum, this kit gets a gigantic sound with a not-so gigantic footprint. The accompanying 14x6.5 Hell Fire Snare will bring back memories of your favorite Van Halen songs while you are rocking the stage.

For the ultimate vintage rocker vibe, try setting this kit up under a black light (we dare you!).

DrumPickers Van Halen Tribute Black & White Stripe Drum Set

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