DrumPickers DP Custom 14x6.5” “Viper” Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers DP Custom 14x6.5” “Viper” Snare Drum that’s brand new.  

This drum has BITE, and it’s comprised of an 5.4mm African Wenge shell, and features the highest end benefits to create the most powerful snare drum. Starting with a Trick throw-off, the drum boasts various tensions to provide a menu of sound. 

It also brings 2 rows of chrome tube lugs, and STAINLESS STEEL tension rods that resist moisture, allowing free adjustment regardless of age & time, and the elements that can seize up these components. 

This drum also features 2.3mm bend resistant hoops, as well as new Evans Black Onyx, and 300 Resonant Side heads. 

If you’re serious about your sound, then so are we! This drum delivers your sound; now here’s your chance to grab that sound with the DrumPickers DP Custom Viper Snare!