1976 Ludwig 14x5” Acrolite Snare Drum - Pristine Condition

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This listing is for a 1976 Ludwig Acrolite 14x5” Snare Drum that’s (just like the title says), in pristine condition.  Everything works perfectly on this drum, and it’s rare to find a drum that’s nearly 50 years old that’s in meticulous shape like this.  

Drum includes slightly used Evans heads, new40-Strand Snare Wires, and P85 Throw-Off. 

The Ludwig 14x5 Acrolite Classic Snare Drum (LM404) features a 1 mm aluminum shell with 45 degree bearing edges, 8 twin/bowtie lugs, triple-flanged hoops, P885 throw-off, butt plate, 40-strand snare wires, Evans G1 Coated drumhead, aluminum finish, chrome hardware, and 1976 dated Ludwig Blue/Olive badge.