Ddrum Reflex Tattooed Lady 6.5x14" Black Script Snare Drum

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This drum was demoed just a few times, and never taken out.  It's in pristine condition.  It's a workhorse, black chrome snare from Ddrum with stylish 30s-style engraving and a wide tuning range for all styles.  With custom engraving for a seriously classic vibe, the Tattooed Lady Black Steel snare drum will be the thoroughbred in your stable of snares. This drum now offers a new simple box throw off, 2.3mm black nickel hoops and a versatile rolled steel shell for a fat tone with excellent projection.  When you think of the snare sound Don Henley got with the Eagles, then you're thinking about the Ddrum's Tattooed Lady.  The workhorse that doesn't just get it done, but does it with style.  Also includes a Remo Black Suede Emporer head.


  • Steel shell
  • Classic 30s scroll work tattoo-style engraving
  • 2.3mm black nickel steel hoops
  • US Remo Black Suede Emperor drum head
  • Proprietary bulletpoint face-off lugs