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Vic Firth V6705 Snare Drum Kit

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Designed to include the correct tools for producing quality sound at the student level, Education Packs were developed with a “step up” approach. As the student advances from beginner to intermediate, he or she will acquire the essentials for band and orchestra literature.

This Vic Firth Snare Kit is an all-in-one setup for the early player who are working out their rudiments, establishing time and developing feel. This kit includes a 14 x 5-1/2 in. chrome-plated steel snare with self-aligning lugs, an adjustable throw-off and heavy-duty accompaniments. An extended-height snare stand will set him or her up to play right away.

A tunable 8” practice pad will cut down the noise for the player who likes to practice after hours, while Vic Firth SD1 general drum sticks and a drum key. A padded travel bag with wheels with a retractable handle will prepare the young player for the road.