Pearl P2050C - Eliminator Redline Single Bass Drum Chain Drive Foot Pedal

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This listing is for a Pearl, P2050C -Eliminator Redline Single Bass Drum Chain Drive Foot Pedal.  It's condition is brand new, and only been demoed once.  This pedal comes complete with all original packaging, beater, and travel case.

Interchangeable Cam System, PowerShifter functionality, Ninja Speed Bearings, Four-surface Control Core Beater, and Total Footboard Traction Control give the Eliminator: Redline unheard-of levels of custom tunability, and provides the key to unlocking unlimited possibilities in bass drum power and speed.  That's what's packed in to this pedal.  State-of-the-art feel, finesse, and control.

At a glance:
  • Interchangeable Cam System (US.PAT.#6172291) Pearl's exclusive cam system provides a choice of 6 different color-coded cams (4 included and 2 more optional,) allowing you to quickly change the power and feel of the pedal to suit your individual playing needs.
  • Individual Cams: From "Perfect Circle” linear action (Black Cam,) to Radical Progressive action (Red Cam,) changing from cam to cam is as simple as pushing the release button and snapping another in place.
  • Chain Drive: Sprocket-less double chain drive provides silent, super smooth action with powerful and precise feel.
  • NiNja Bearings - Developed by skateboarding engineers for the ultimate in fast, quiet performance, NiNja axel Bearings incorporate state-of-the-art micro-polished steel balls for up to 85% faster performance.
  • Control Core QuadBeater (US.PAT.#5610351) - Its reduced profile shapes kick tone with four beater surfaces (two hard plastic, two felt,) with the added feel and power of the Control Core elastomer center to eliminate unwanted vibration.