Pearl S1050S Flat-Based Snare Stand

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This listing is for a Pearl S1050S Flat-based Snare Stand.  It works perfectly and is brand new in its original packaging.

The S150S Snare Stand is a light weight, professional stand solution featuring a convertible tripod; offering the choice between flat-based or traditional single-braced legs.

  • A simple, high-function stand weighing only 5 lbs., the S150S is easily transportable for the gigging player
  • The stand's convertible tripod opens up a world of positioning and mounting possibilities.
  • Features UniLock gearless basket tilter for limitless positioning.
  • Choose between flat-based or traditional legs
  • Converting is as simple as a quick turn of the positioning bolts and a flip of the independent tripod.
  • Minimum Height: 17.3" Maximum Height: 25.2"