Sabian HHX Evolution 13" Groove Hats in Brilliant Finish

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This listing is for a Set of Sabian 13" HHX Evolution Groove Hi-Hats that are in very very good condition.  No cracks, no dents (that aren't supposed to be there), no keyholing, etc...  For the 13" Size, these hats just have a way of sitting back in the pocket, and accenting exactly at the right time.  

Sabian HHX Groove Hi-Hat Cymbals The funky feel and simmering blend of retro tone and crisp definition make SABIAN 13" HHX Groove Hi-Hats the ideal pairing for groovin' music.  Until HHX, it was impossible to project darkness.  But the dark, simmering sound, agitated bite and "Tone Projection" design of HHX makes this series more effective than others.  Other cymbals may generate darkness, but HHX stirs up more simmering heat, more musical dirt, a smoky groove, and more of what drummers want to hear - and then really projects it.

It gets you heard, and felt.  Sabian HHX "Hammered Tone Projection" is an innovative design, created by the SABIAN Vault team.

Features: - A simmering, and smoky blend of retro tone and crisp definition...
- HHX Tone Projection stirs up simmering heat, and musical dirt.
- These hats deliver simmering Modern Dark tones at all volumes.