Zildjian A 14” Quick Beat Hi-Hat Cymbals (Set/Pair)

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This listing is for a Set of Zildjian A 14" Quick Beat Hi Hat Cymbals.  These cymbals are in great shape, and sound even better than GREAT!  The label on the top cymbal is now essentially gone, and it has a very slight keyhole, but its character lives on.  No other flaws are found anywhere on this pair.

The A Series Zildjian is the world's most popular and versatile cymbal. Created from cast bronze alloy of 80% copper, 20% tin, and traces of silver, it is symmetrically machine hammered and lathed with a traditional wide groove. The result is an exuberant cymbal that bursts with a classic voice that is pure, bright, and expressive. The Quick Beats have an especially fast response with 4 holes in the bottom that allow quick air release.

At a glance, these cymbals:
  • Are Short, tight, funky beat. Fast response. Four holes in bottom for fast air release.
  • Display a Traditional Finish
  • Have a Copper Tin ratio of 80/20
  • Possess a Solid Chick Sound