D.P. Custom Heritage Classic Maple 07”x14” with Maple Hoops in Piano Black

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This listing is for a DrumPickers Heritage Classic Maple 07”x14” 9-ply Maple Snare Drum in Piano Black with Maple Hoops.

This drum is nothing short of outstanding! It’s range is phenomenal, and it’s 10 bullet lugs help make it incredibly easy to tune. It’s muffler adds additional dynamics, and its Pursound 20-Strand Blaster snare wires bring additional sizzle. It uses a Pearl SR-15 Lightning Strainer, and it’s 3/8” deep shell provides power and sensitivity that we believe is unrivaled by the vast majority of snare drums. To say we’re proud of this drum, it’s sound, it’s beauty, and it’s construction, is quite an understatement.

This drum will qualify as your primary snare, and then remain in that position.