Peace P-860DC Dual Chain Double Bass Drum Pedal with Case

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This listing is for a Peace P-860DC Dual Chain Double Bass Drum Pedal that includes the Case.  This double pedal is in exceptional condition with no issues found on it anywhere.  The infinitely adjustable footboard is solid, and the double chains are tight on each side/foot.  When needed, this pedal features a drive shaft assembly that stretches 20 inches, and has little to no latency.  

This pedal exhibits a lot of power, yet has a grace to it that's like a pro golfer swinging a club.  It's speed is controlled, and incredibly responsive.  And if that wasn't enough, the pedal also has the capability to separate and by borrowing a beater from the primary pedal - becomes two separate pedals (if you're playing two separate bass drums!!)  Not every pedal does that!!

If you're after a double pedal that will respond with sensitivity to your style of play, that's adjustable in a variety of different ways, dependable, and yet won't break the bank...?  Then look no further. 

...This is your pedal.