MIJ Unknown Brand, 1960’s in Amber Waves of Grain

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This listing is for a 3pc Kent - MIJ Drum Kit that had the wrap removed, and was stained before we acquired it. Looks sharp as the Lugs on the floor and kick are painted evenly with chrome paint, but the original mufflers on the rack tom and floor tom are missing.

It’s a very solid players kit that sports a 13x09” Rack Tom, 16x16” Floor Tom, and a 22x14” Bass Drum. All the bolts/wing bolts, and accessories work perfectly.

Really nice tone from this 3pc shell kit, too. Tunes up nicely, and features (like new) Remo Ebony Pinstripe batter side heads.

Includes the 3pc shell pack, mounted cymbal arm, floor tom legs, and bass drum rack tom mount.  No other hardware, drums, or cymbals come with this listing.