D.P. Custom 14x6.5” Professional 6-Ply Maple/Mahogany/Maple Snare Drum In Burnt Sahara Sand

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This listing is for a D.P. “Professional” 14x6.5” snare drum in Burnt Sahara Sand. This drum is brand new to the collection of DrumPickers offerings, and boasts 4 plies of Mahogany, sandwiched between 2 plies of North American Rock Maple.

It maintains a rock solid tone with its 2.3mm black chrome hoops, and attractive Copper Tube Lug Hardware. The breadth of sound is truly opened up by the Premium Pearl SN1420C Snare Wires.

This high-end snare drum has a sensitivity that’s perfect for recording, and a breadth of volume that’s ideal for live performances.

Pick this up quick; you’ll be glad you did.