DrumPickers MIJ Reissue 14x5.5” 1960’s Snare Drum in Deep Blue Sparkle

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This listing is for a DrumPickers Reconditioned MIJ (Made In Japan) 1960’s era snare drum. The drum is anyone's guess as to the original brand, but we've taken great care to restore it to it's finest form.  

The 8-lug drum is 14 x 5.5”.  We recut and sanded new snare beds on it, replaced the batter head with new Remo Ambassador and new Evans snare side heads, and applied a new set of Pearl SO22N snare wires.  The original "Zoomatic" Style strainer system works quite well, as does the original muffler/tone control.

The drums age reflects a slight scratch here or there, but it’s been extremely well cared for.  It's 4-ply Asian Mahogany core brings out the beauty of sound in this drum, and it’s tight and focused tone are accentuated when the tone control is in action, and it opens up quite nicely when it’s loosened, or disengaged. 

New Pearl SO22N snare wires also contribute to the focused attack.  If you’re in to a vintage sound and look, with plenty of attack, you’ll go crazy for this drum.