DrumPickers Bryan Harris Signature Series 4pc Drum Kit in #225 Red Mahogany

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This listing is for a Bryan Harris (of The Vegabonds), 4pc Maple/Mahogany/Maple drum kit. It’s 6 plies of rich mahogany are sandwiched by outer plies North American Maple, bringing forth a full, perfectly rounded tone from each drum.

This particular drum kit was featured on the stages of The ACME Feed & Seed in Downtown Nashville Tennessee along Broadway.  The professionals that play this kit all love it (see DP Custom Testimonials), and you can visually see why. This kit has been maintained and finished for resale by our production team, and is in New-Like New Condition.  (Reduced price reflects updated status of kit.)

Drums include a 12x8” rack tom, a 16x14x floor tom, a 22x14” bass drum, and a 14x6.5” matching snare drum.

The drums are superior to other drums in that the tone is unmatched by other drums, the look of them is stunningly classic, and drums made in Music City just sound better.