DrumPickers DP Custom Snare Drum Line - Maple/Mahogany/Maple - 14x6” Gloss Ribbon Mahogany

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This listing is for a DrumPickers 14x6" DP Custom Snare Drum in Gloss Ribbon Mahogany.  The 6-ply Maple/Mahogany/Maple Drum is perhaps one of the finest sounding and most beautiful of the Custom Line.  Adorned with Brass Tube Lugs, and Black Chrome hoops and hardware, the drum stands out with a beautiful tight crack, with sensitivity to spare.  Tuned high, the crack of this drum is like a whip, and tuned low, it has depth to spare.  

There is a very slight flaw to the left of the the but side of this drum, but the repair makes it very difficult to see, and there's no way it effects the sound.  

You'll be extremely proud to own this drum, and its use will be extraordinarily often, as this drum is considered one of our masterpieces.

With any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.