DrumPickers DP Custom Line 14x6” Snare Drum Golden Hickory

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This listing is for a DrumPickers DP Custom Line Snare Drum in golden hickory finish. This 14x6” beauty is full of range, and depth, while it’s tone is even more golden than its finish description.

6-plys of African Mahogany and maple bring about this shells rich voice, while the 2.3mm Pearl Superhoops help keep it in tune. New heads (top and bottom), and Premium Pearl SN20I snare wires contribute to the vibrant sound, while these dazzling chrome tube lugs contribute to the drums beauty, and depth of range in tuning.

Another professionals “tools-of-the-trade” featured by the DrumPickers brand here. “They’re Ear-Crafted for the discerning drummer..”.