DrumPickers DP Custom Line 4pc All Maple Drum Kit In #007 Plum Crazy Burst

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This listing is for a DrumPickers DP Custom Line North American Maple/Mahogany/Maple 6-Ply Drum Kit in #007 Plum Crazy Burst.  This Kit is brand new, and will be placed in fresh boxes to be sent to you.  This Kit is a first of its kind, in that it has absolutely NO metal touching the shells.  From the rubber lined bass drum claws, to the badges, no metal hinders the resonance of these shells.  Even the backing hardware is insulated with rubber so that it doesn't touch the North American all maple shell.  

The tone is absolutely stellar, with rich, full blends of lower, and mid resonance coming from the floor tom and bass drum, and mid to high pitch coming from the 12" rack tom.  The toms use 2.3mm Slingerland style stick saver hoops, and the bass drum has four ply maple hoops on either side.  Each drum has Slingerland style lugs that are all lined with nylon gaskets.  The finish is a slight burst of #007 Purple (that we affectionately refer to as "plum crazy").  Evans candy apple red hydraulic heads adorn the batter side of the toms, and Evans G1 heads the resonant side.  

These drums are each dated with the date in which they were completed, and signed with QC approval.  

You will absolutely love these drums; not only for the stunning looks, but the amazing sound.  If you have a particular finish and recipe you'd like to own, please contact us so that we can create the kit of your dreams.  You won't have to wait six months for their construction either, as DrumPickers will produce your professional "tools of the trade" in less than one month.  Please contact us with any questions, or for an estimate.

Drum sizes include:

14x6” Snare Drum with Brass Hardware
12x08" Rack Tom
16x14" Floor Tom
22x16" Bass Drum

Only the floor tom legs are included with this shell pack.  No additional standing hardware is included with this kit.