DrumPickers DP Custom Line Snare Drum In Candy Grape Finish

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This listing is for a 14x6.5” 6-Ply All Maple DP Custom Line Snare Drum in Candy Grape finish. The drum is adorned in all brass hardware with 2.3mm Drumpicker Brass Thunder Hoops, and uses Pearl Premium SN1420D Snare wires. It uses an Evan’s UV head on the top, and a Remo snare side head on the bottom.

This drum has an amazing tuning range and sounds impeccable in each stage or range of tuning...a real masterpiece in snare drum sound.

In its creation, there was a slight imperfection in the finish in the quadrant, just right of the drums badge. However the tiny imperfection is very very slight and difficult to see. We’re stating this in full disclosure of the drums description. The drums price reflects the slight imperfection.

If you’re searching for a stand out snare drum in EVERY WAY, then grab this custom snare drum now.