DrumPickers DP Custom Studio Classic 4 Pc Drum Kit In Gloss Walnut

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This listing is for a DrumPickers DP Custom Line Studio Classic 4 Pc Drum Kit in Gloss Walnut. The sizes include a 12x08” rack Tom, 16x14” floor tom, 22x16” bass drum, and an outstanding 14x06” 10-lug snare drum.

This drum kit is 6-plies of Walnut/African Mahogany/Maple, and has the power, and tone that’s perfect for both studio and stage.

The 20-lug bass drum uses all maple black lacquer hoops to provide its low-end rumble, while the toms use 2.3mm hoops for their fast attack. The snare uses 2.3 no flange hoops, and premium Pearl SN20I Snare Wires to round out the warmth of sound in this kit.

Grab this Custom Classic while you still can!