TAMA Medium Length (14") Boom Cymbal Arm With Cymbal Stand FASTClamp Adaptor

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This TAMA Cymbal Arm with the FastClamp Adaptor is a simplified attachment based on the functionality of the MCA63EN.  The knurled boom arm measures 14", and accommodates a variety of cymbals, and it must be noted that there's a slight amount of rust that can be seen, however it has absolutely no baring on the products performance.  

Features & Instructions:

Simply add your cymbal by securing this attachment to stands from 15.1mm to 28.6mm in diameter.

Question: Are you ever frustrated by having to search the floor for dropped and scattered parts? That's why TAMA's hardware designers came up with the FastClamp. It really is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Open the FastClamp just like a clothespin.

2. Close the FastClamp on the stand just like a clothespin.

3. The FastClamp holds the clamp in place so you can tighten the T-bolt.

If your kit requires a lot of clamps, set up will be a lot faster and easier with attachments that feature the FastClamp Easy Set-Up System.