Pearl PTM50BHR Ultra-Grip Volume Adjustable Tambourine (with brass jingles)

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This listing is for a Pearl PTM50BHR Tambourine with Brass Jingles that's brand new.  Pearl's Ultra Grip Tambourine with volume adjustable Brass jingles and ergonomic grip and Quick-Mount holder is what serious percussionists require on stage and in the studio.

  • Dual row of volume adjustable Brass jingles
  • Jingle Control Discs allow you to mute individual jingles or ring wide open
  • Ergonomic grip shaped like a ski pole handle
  • Plastic composite shell with a rubber protector on the top edge
  • Quick-Mount holder allows the tambourine to go from mounted to hand-held with the flick of a wrist
  • Superior Brass jingles, and also available in steel jingles.