Pearl B1000 (Earlier Generation/Model)

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This listing is for an earlier generation Pearl B1000 cymbal stand. This stand is in like-new condition and works flawlessly.  

Not all cymbal stands are made the same. The Pearl B-1000 boom cymbal stand starts off with their original Uni-lock tilter so you can get your cymbals angled just the way you like them. A reversible cymbal cup gives you control over the range of motion of your cymbal, and a built-in cowbell post lets you add that new cowbell you have been craving. The double-braced B-1000 feature nylon bushings in the pipe joint to ensure no unwanted noise from metal on metal contact in the stand. Superbly designed rubber feet complete the Pearl B-1000.

Pearl B-1000 Boom Cymbal Stand Features:
  • Uni-lock Cymbal tilter
  • Locking pipe joint
  • Double-braced legs
  • Vibration-absorbing rubber feet
  • Built-in cowbell post
  • Reversible cymbal cup