Pearl D050 Die-Cast Gold Plated Bass Drum Claws (Set of 2) for SPX,SX,MBX,MMX,CMX, & CBX Series Drum

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This listing is for a set of 2 Pearl, D050G Gold Plated Bass Drum Claws for Master's & Session Series Drums.

These gold plated die-cast bass drum claws are no longer made by Pearl and these genuine Pearl parts are no longer available even by special order.  

They're created to provide superior stability, and maintain tuning for your earlier Master's Series, and Session Series Drums.  Although (one of these two claws is) pictured with a nylon/rubber gasket, these claws were never produced in tandem with nylon/rubber gaskets.  We did find one rubber gasket/liner that worked, but only have the one available.