DW DWSM2031 PuppyBone with Adjustable Cymbal Arm

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This listing is for a DW DWSM2031 Puppy-Bone with Adjustable Cymbal Arm that's in perfect working condition.  Here's the perfect way to add a splash cymbal or other small instrument to your kit's existing stands...

The DW DWSM2031 Puppy-Bone cymbal arm is a dual pivoting tilter arm that mounts easily to any 1/2" rod, and can be adjusted to fit into any number of setups. The Puppy-Bone' s cymbal arm includes DW's toothless tilter, found on their heavy-duty 9000 series.  Another DW touch is the Tech-lock secondary drum key locking system that provides additional assurance that your gear will stay right where it's supposed to.  It's inspired by working drum techs, so for a cymbal mount that fits in the tightest spots, grab the DW DWSM2031 Puppy-Bone.