Drumpickers DP Custom Line 5pc Drum Kit In Midnight Galaxy

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This Drumpickers DP Custom Series 5 piece Drum Kit is brand new, and plays flawlessly. From the perfectly balanced pitch of the 10x7” Rack Tom, to the powerful crack of the 14x6” snare drum, you’ll have the confidence of owning some of the finest tools of the trade.

These drums all use no flange chrome hoops, while using T-054 Drum Claws to obtain and maintain their tuning. The kit is visually brought to higher levels with the use of Slingerland style lugs. The kit (shell pack) comes complete with all new Evan’s UV1 and G2 heads, with a new Evan’s GMad head for the kick. All of these characteristics allow the 6-ply Maple/Mahogany/Maple shells to sing the way God intended.

Drum sizes are:

10x7” rack tom 
12x8” rack tom
16x16” floor tom
22x16” bass drum
14x6” snare drum

These drums are not only stunning to view, but are a joy to hear...

Silo Drums and all standing hardware not included.