Zildjian 19” K Sweet Crash Cymbal

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This listing is for a Zildjian 19" K Sweet Crash cymbal that's in excellent condition... no cracks, no keyholing, and no flaws on this cymbal. 

Smooth, dark, and moody, K Zildjian Sweet Crash cymbals bring centuries-old Zildjian character and charisma to virtually any style of music — from rock to symphonic. Zildjian's cloistgered B20 bronze recipe, rolled extra thin and paired with traditional hammering techniques, gives this cymbal unmatched dynamics and musical complexity. Crashing and tapping on the edge reveal a dark, dry, silken wash, while striking the unlathed bell delivers a complex, penetrating blow. Discover a new side of the Zildjian K Series with the 19" K Sweet Crash.  Save yourself almost $100 from buying brand new, and grab this one from Drumpickers.com.

K Zildjian 19" Sweet Crash Cymbal Features:
  • Smooth, dark, and moody
  • Extra thin and extra dark
  • Unlathed bell is complex and penetrating
  • Traditional K-series hammering enhances darkness and musicality
  • Crafted from Zildjian's centuries-old B20 bronze recipe