Drumpickers DP Custom Series 4pc Drum Kit with Vintage Slingerland Style Lugs in Gloss Dark Walnut

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This listing is for a 4 piece DP Custom Series Slingerland Clam Shell Drum Kit in Gloss Dark Walnut.  Each shell is comprised of 6-plies of Maple/Mahogany and an outer ply of dark walnut.  The tone is full, and masterful, while adding just enough punch, to punctuate any genre of music.  

As an added benefit, DrumPickers Master Builders have added a Pearl CHB830 Uni-lock bass drum shell mount cymbal holder to create an added elegance to this kit. Remo coated emperor drum heads are included, along with an Evans G-Mad bass drum batter head, and each tom drum uses 2.3mm Slingerland Style Stick-Saver hoops.

 The kit bursts with beauty and class, and all components use vintage styled Slingerland "Beaver-Tail/Clam Shell" lugs to command its presence.  The drums spare no expense in delivering rich tone, and charm that surpasses most kits of the day…

Drum Sizes include:

14x6.5” Snare Drum
12x08" Rack Tom
16x16” Floor Tom
22x16" Bass Drum


This listing is for the three-piece drum kit only.  No additional standing hardware or cymbals are included.  Please feel free to message us with questions or concerns.  Thanks for looking.