Drumpickers DP Custom Series Half-Stack Traveler In African Mahogany Semi-Gloss

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This listing is from our DP Custom Series, and is our 3 piece Half-Stack Traveler Drum Kit.  These drums are 100% North American Maple, adorned with chrome tube lugs providing a classic, vintage look, and uses EC2 heads on the toms, and Evans EMad head on the batter side of the bass drum.  This kit was created with each drum sizing up as a shallower depth than standard toms, thereby creating greater attack with quickness and precision.  The result is a clear resonance, and full warm tone.  The 2.3mm chrome hoops keep the drums in tune nicely.  This 3-piece kit sizes include a 12x6” rack tom, a 16x10” floor tom, and a 22x10 bass drum.

The kit comes with the three aforementioned drums, bass drum rack tom post, and floor tom legs. No other hardware is included. This kit concept allows the performer to stack all drums within one 22" bass drum case, enabling ease and mobility as you load in, and tear down at the end of the night.  The kit is a one-of-a-kind, so make sure you order yours today!