Drumpickers 14x5” Mahogany Classic Snare Drum Matt African Mahogany

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This listing is for a Drumpickers 14x5” Mahogany Classic Snare Drum. The drum boasts swivel mount lugs, 2.3mm hoops for added durability and tuning flexibility.

Plies of African Mahogany complete the interior and exterior of this drum with North American Maple in between them for a full 8 plies, creating a full, and well-rounded tuning range to this drum. If you’re familiar with the Pearl Omar Hakim Signature Snare, then you’re on the right track with the drum.

The drum is one of our B-Stock drums with misplaced, but repaired butt side drill holes. The drum sounds fantastic, and for a caliber of drum this is, you can’t beat the price.