DP Custom Series “Red Rocker” (4pc) Kit

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This listing is for a DP Custom series 4pc Drum kit called The Red Rocker.  It’s beauty dazzles, but it’s tone is what’s worth writing home about. 

The 6-ply Maple/Mahogany shells resonate with a full presence.  Tuning these drums to the note you prefer is made easy with these classic Brass Slingerland clam shell lugs, and they keep their note with the power and flexibility of the 2.3mm brass hoops.  Acrylic bass hoops adorn the kick drum, and RED Evan’s Hydraulic heads open up your canvas of creativity.  

This kit is destined to be a classic itself.  

This kit can be ordered, but please allow a six week time period for production from the time of purchase.