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Dream 20” Bliss Crash/Ride Cymbal - Brand New

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 This listing is for a Dream 20” Bliss Crash/Ride Cymbal that’s Brand New, and without even a single finger print.


The Dream Bliss Series Crash Cymbal is a modern marvel of music-making! This revolutionary cymbal is specifically designed for drummers who want to be able to achieve unique tones at every volume without compromising any of their signature sound.

With its micro-lathing, low bow, and lightweight design, you get the perfect balance of dark, rich tones with soft stick feel – even at quieter sounds. And when you’re rocking out to your favorite classic beats, this cymbal can open up further for a warm wash with a quick decay.

Dream Bliss Series Crash Ride Cymbal Features

  • 2 years warranty against defect in material or workmanship. Defective product must be returned to Dream for replacement.
  • Dream forges, hammers, and lathes all of our cymbals by hand. The human element comes through in their appearance. The surface areas of the Bliss lines sport ultra-thin stripes created by micro-lathing coupled with unique hammer marks. This creates lots of full spectrum wash and a quick delay.
  • Fully functional Bliss crash and ride cymbal
  • Gives dark undertones at more extreme volumes
  • Micro lathed by hand
  • Has a low, gentle bridge with smaller bell.
  • Manufacturer’s Model #: DRE BCRRI20
  • As an intermediate or experienced drummer, the Dream Bliss Series Crash Cymbal will give you the sound you need. Perfectly integrate it in your set-up and you can get ready to rock!