DrumPickers 10x7” Double Headed Concert Tom in Rosewood Veneer

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This listing is for a DrumPickers 10x7” Double Headed Concert Tom with a Rosewood interior and exterior Veneer. 

These concert toms are extraordinary from beginning to end.  The shell is comprised of 6 layers of ultra thin birch (3.6mm total) with an inner and outer veneer of rosewood.  The lugs are classic beaver-tail cast lugs made popular by Slingerland Drums during the 1930’s-1950’s.  The hoops are DrumPickers standard 2.3mm Total-Focus Hoops that allow the drum to sing, without choking the shell.  Finally, DrumPickers topped them off with Evans EC2S batter heads and ultra-clear resonant side heads bringing control, to a beautiful, warm tone.  

Classic looks, and gorgeous tone.  Exactly what the percussion ensemble requires…

This listing is for the 10” ONLY. ISS Adapter (for tom arm) IS PROVIDED.

To sum it up:

*Classic look and beautiful darker tone with rosewood veneer.

*45 degree edges

*Double sided drum

*Evans EC2S heads for greater control of sound

*2.3mm Total Focus Hoops for control and resonance

*6-Thin plys (3.6mm) of North American Birch comprise the inner shell