DrumPickers 14x6.5” Black & Silver Acrolite Killer Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers 14x6.5” “Black & Silver Acrolite Killer” Snare Drum.  This drum has been used to demo our aluminum snare line, but is in perfect working condition.  

The drum has a meticulous sounding, crisp, but very warm punch to it.  It’s tone is full, while it’s range is also very wide.  Perfect for rock, country, hip-hop, and even jazz, the drum features a 2.3mm black chrome batter hoop, triple-flanged chrome snare side hoop, CL250 black & chrome bridge lugs, a beaded 1mm aluminum shell, and tensiled German 20-strand snare wires to bring out its gorgeous tone.  

If you’re after the sound of an aluminum shell with looks that are exceptionally attractive, then you’ve found the Black & Silver Acrolite Killer.