DrumPickers 14x6.5” Heirloom Purple Heart/Douglas Fir Reclaimed Stave Construction Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers 14x6.5” Heirloom Snare Drum in Purple Heart/Douglas Fir Reclaimed Stave/Segmented Construction.  This drum is brand new, and has loads of upgrades that make up the visual beauty as well as the incredible gorgeous and truly powerful tone. 

To start, the drum is constructed of reclaimed wood from furniture, and the shell spans a whopping 3/4” thick, providing illustrious tone and full volume.  The 2.3mm Stick-Saver black chrome hoops maintain its beautiful tuning, while the Classic Slingerland Chrome Beavertail lugs add to the regal quality of the drum.  

The drum is capped off with internal rubber insulated hardware enabling the drums tone to shine without the dampening effect metal washers might have to a resonating shell.  In addition, it boasts Pearl’s Premium copper bracketed, 20-Strand “I” Series, Ultrasound Snare Wires that have greater tensile strength than standard wires, as well as the quality to avoid rust & corrosion.  

This drum was born for the studio and stage as it’s range is absolutely phenomenal.  It’s rich full sound is only equaled by its 45 degree sonic cut bearing edge, making this 3/4” thick drum shell one powerful drum.