DrumPickers 4Pc DP Custom Classic Walnut/Mahogany/Maple Drum Kit

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This listing is for a DrumPickers DP Custom Classic 4 Pc Drum Kit in Gloss Walnut veneer.  This kit is brand new, and features a 6-ply Walnut/Mahogany/Maple shell, beautifully adorned with vintage brass plated, casted steel hardware.

This kit features a 10x7” & 12x8” rack tom, 16x14” floor tom, and a 22x16” bass drum, all of which boast 45 degree bearing edges for a beautiful, warm, and buttery attack.  The bass drum provides a stealthy punch that when mic’ed appropriately, can leave an impression in your chest. 

You’ll be pleased to use these drums in the studio, or on the stage.  They’re the professionals tools of choice…