DrumPickers - Clear Acrylic 18” & 21” Silo Drums (Set of 2)

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This listing is for a set of two DrumPickers clear acrylic Silo Drums that are brand new.  These amazing drums not only look outstanding, but they possess the true sound of Octobans, and at a fraction of the price. 

Well equipped with chrome hardware, and the famous DrumPickers Badge, these 18x6” and 21x6” drums set the stage for those intricate passages, and dynamic moments in a variety of music.  Tom stand not included…

The sound and expression of these drums is legendary and will add unique accents to the music you play.  

Bullet points:

1/4” Thick Seamless Acrylic Shells 

Also Available with Brass, Chrome, Black Chrome, or Powder Coat White 2.3mm hoops.

Available in 6 amazing colors

Available in 5 different depths (6x12”, 6x14”, 6x15”, 6x16”, & 6x18”) for accurate tuning and tone