DrumPickers Custom 14x6.5” “Magnificent Bastard” Black Nickel Over Brass Snare Drum

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This listing is for a DrumPickers Custom 14x6.5” Magnificent Bastard Snare Drum. 

This drum boasts a 2mm black nickel covered brass shell, with tons of unique features including the Trick style throw off, 2.3mm DrumPicker “Craftsman” brass hoops, brass tension rods, white powder coated accents, 30-Strand snare wires, and Evans heads…

This drum meticulously illustrates power, warmth, and crisp penetrating tone like no other drum we’ve ever built.  Absolutely ideal for the stage, or in studio, The Magnificent Bastard delivers faithfully and with additional range to spare. 

If you’re after a magnificent sound, then you’ve gotta add this Magnificent Bastard to your arsenal.